Adventure Creates Courage

Sam is a kid who loves to climb mountains with his dad. Each rock face they scale is one more chance to get to the top, look out over the world, holler, “Whoop!” and give out high fives. He’s been doing this since he was three-years-old.

But to dad, Joe, their tandem climbs each have a different purpose. Each mountain is intended to be another challenge that Sam will learn to overcome. Joe is banking each ascent, creating a stash of victories upon which Sam can make withdrawals throughout his life, so he can not only climb a few mountains, but move a few too.

Confidence to Rise Above

As the mountain peaks get higher, and the inclines steeper, Sam’s interest and abilities keep growing by well-secured leaps and bounds. His little-boy body pushes and pulls ever higher, reaching summits well beyond his years, where Joe finds he is always eager for more.

Sam has become the youngest person in the world to climb El Capitan, and been ranked number one climber by USA Climbing in his region (of 5 states) up to 12-years-old. He’s climbed Moonlight Buttress, Fairview Dome, Eichorn Pinnacle, Petit Grepon, and all five of the 1,000-foot Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. He’s also led his five-year-old brother on a climb up Pingora Peak, slept on the side of cliffs, and flown a kite on top of pinnacles.

But Sam isn’t impressed with all that. He just wants to know what climb is next, and spend some more days in the sun with his dad.

Adventure Creates Bonds

As challenges go when done together, the friendship between Joe and Sam has reached new heights. Joe is by his side, cheering him on as Sam steps into his given middle name, Adventure.

And Joe and Sam want to see other parents and kids share this kind of bod too. They want you to follow their adventures on social media, and be inspired to adventure big together.

Leaver a comment or send an email sharing how your big adventure is creating courage and building a bond. Maybe you’ll inspire people to climb even higher.