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Who We Are

Joe and Ann Baker are climbing enthusiasts who have scaled mountain faces all over the world, logging in their very first climb together the first time they met. Needless to say it was love at first height. Since getting married in 2011 they have had three boys – Sam Adventure who is six, Sylvan Lightyear who is four, and Joey Danger who is almost two. They are now quite the adventure family.

Joe and Ann are entrepreneurs who have successfully built numerous businesses. Joe’s latest venture is named Superhero Sidekick, where he coaches CEOs from around the world on how to quickly scale their businesses. He’s also developing a kind of tree house resort that is going to shake the world once launched.

Joe’s and Ann’s greatest challenge yet is to bring up boys who are as passionate as they are to lead lives of high impact and to never recede from accomplishing a goal just because it requires sacrifice and great effort.

This site is dedicated to their first born Samuel who actually has the middle name Adventure. He’s a pretty cool kid that loves riding his bike at “gecko speed”, enjoys doing science experiments with his mom, and is always climbing up everything.

Sam’s Climbing Milestones

Sam is way ahead of his class when it comes to rock climbing. Today he’s six and a half and is able to climb 5.10s at the rock gym. The following is a short list of some of his most notable accomplishments.

Sam’s Climbing Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sam ever get scared?2021-02-16T19:43:35+00:00

Of course he does, but his dad is always right their coaching him along and teaching him.  Climbing big walls is scary, everyone gets scared.  But if you ask Sam he denies ever being scared up there.

How can this be safe?2021-02-16T19:44:10+00:00

Nothing is 100% safe, but it’s as safe as it can be.  Joe has taken all of the courses to be an AMGA Rock Guide and has more than 25 years of climbing experience.  On the big walls they bring other rock climbing guides along as well to make things even more safe.  Don’t attempt anything like this without the supervision of trained professionals.

Will Sam and Joe ever climb El Capitan?2021-02-16T19:44:45+00:00

Of course they will.  Once Sam is ready they will attempt it.  Sam still has a few years of training but will get there soon enough.  That will be the final film in the five film set that they are creating.

Why make these films?2021-02-16T19:46:40+00:00

Joe wanted to share his unique style of raising his boys with other parents to inspire them to be more intentional, daring, and creative.  Joe wants to see a generation of kids of who grow up in a world of validation and love, he wants to see young people do big hard things and grow up to do the impossible.

Is Joe’s wife Ann ok with Sam climbing?2021-02-16T19:47:11+00:00

She sure is.  She will actually be climbing Washington’s Column and even sleeping on the hanging camps with them.  She is 100% on board with the vision.

Does Joe take any salary from what is raised?2021-02-16T19:47:43+00:00

No.  Believe it or not people ask this.

How does America’s Kids Belong help get kids adopted?2021-02-16T19:49:39+00:00

America’s Kids Belong works with local government, local businesses, and the church to find families looking to adopt children.  Their greatest innovation is that they have gained the trust of the local government to allow them to create a film about each individual kid.  Once people see how amazing these kids are they quickly find a forever family.  It might be the coolest thing since Warren Harding climbed the sheer face of El Capitan.

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